Be Prepared For Easter

I know that we are all preparing for a big weekend ahead at Easter. I like to call it the Super Bowl of Christianity! Like any good Super Bowl winning team, we have to prepare for the win. Of course, Jesus has won the greatest victory, but are we prepared as leaders to see a big win for our churches? Preparation is key to winning. The moment you prepare proves that you care, and I know you care about leading people to Jesus, strengthening families and growing His Kingdom.

I’d like to do what I can to help you make the most of the moment. When preparing for a big  Sunday, you need to keep 2 things in mind: The Pre-Event and Post-Event strategy. Preparing a game plan for these distinct phases will help tremendously.

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Here is a short checklist to consider



  • Are the service times and location highly visible and easy to find?
  • Can first time guests pre-register their kids in order to reduce lines on the day of?


  • Are we effectively engaging our church family and the community on social media for Easter?
  • Do we have a comeback event, new series, baptism planned for next Sunday or the following?


  • Does the building need to be cleaned before the big day? 
  • Painting, flower beds, etc? 


  • Do we have plenty of connect cards for guests? 
  • Is a QR Codes or Text # needed in order to connect with guests? 


  • Have we designed a service that will honor God and connect with guests?
  • Are additional rehearsal times needed to ensure the standard of excellence is met?
  • Is the service designed to connect with first timers? Have hosts been instructed to avoid using “insider” language and ensure everyone feels welcome and has clarity on how to connect with the church?

Experience / Hospitality

  • Is the parking team ready? 
  • Do we have enough coffee?
  • Do we want to utilize “welcome signs” in the parking lot and lobby? Have they been ordered? Has team been prepped?
  • Have we considered that it might rain? Do we need umbrellas to serve people well? 
  • Is a photo booth(s) needed? People love taking pictures with their families.
  • Is the team ready to facilitate overflow if needed?

Dream Team

  • Are all scheduled Dream Teamers ready to go? 
  • Are there any scheduled positions that have not confirmed?
  • Have leaders of teams been communicated with?
  • Have you encouraged the Dream Team to prepare themselves to serve? (Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally)
  • Do guests know where the information center is located?


  • Are the Kids Teams ready to serve more children this week?
  • Is the check in process smooth and hassle free?

Going through this checklist can help you steer clear of the “uh-oh’s” we all want to avoid. Here’s a few thoughts to consider for after Easter


  • Is a team ready to enter data of guests and decisions and send the appropriate responses? 
  • Are we ready to implement our Connection Process? (I’ve included a sample connection flowchart to help you create your own.)
  • Have you planned a party to celebrate the big win with your team?
  • Have you planned a post op meeting to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of the big day? 
  • Is the next series ready to roll out?
  • Is the next baptism scheduled? Will you be encouraging your people to register on Easter Sunday? If so, how will they do that?